If I Were to Plan a Dinosaur Party…

A friend asked for some ideas planning a dinosaur themed party for her son, so naturally I hop over to Pinterest and WOW am I overwhelmed at all the ideas, products, decorations, desserts, etc! Party planning can be overwhelming but I've found my happy place in Excel to keep me organized and on task without … Continue reading If I Were to Plan a Dinosaur Party…

Shimmer & Shine Party!

Glitter, glitter and more glitter! This was a girl's dream party, complete with wall to wall decorations to give the look of being inside Shimmer & Shine's genie bottle! My daughter loves Shimmer & Shine cartoon, and for some reason I got the crazy idea to turn our garage into the inside of their genie … Continue reading Shimmer & Shine Party!

Construction / Bulldozer Party!

My son is REALLY into trucks, bulldozers (and all the other ones that I don't know the names of) and of course getting dirty, so when it came time for him to choose his birthday party theme, he quickly decided on a construction party. I was hesitant at first, wondering how I would pull this … Continue reading Construction / Bulldozer Party!

Dog Adoption Celebration!

My two kids love to host parties almost as much as I do, so when they kept asking about our family dog's birthday I just knew what they wanted 🙂  Because we adopted our dog, Brownie, we didn't have any idea of his birthday date or even the month, so instead of making a wild … Continue reading Dog Adoption Celebration!

Poppy (Trolls) Birthday Party

It's all just cupcakes and rainbows....until you plan a birthday party for over 50 guests! Immediately after seeing the movie Trolls, my daughter fell in love with the characters, colors and of course the music! So she just had to have a Trolls themed birthday party, and of course this crafty mom had way too … Continue reading Poppy (Trolls) Birthday Party

How to Create a Birthday Banner Using PowerPoint!

How to create birthday banner in PowerPoint

Another time (and money) saving tip when creating and planning a birthday party: create your birthday banner using PowerPoint! We use PowerPoint for work projects and school presentations, so why not take advantage of the easy tools and design capabilities for party printables?!?! Here are 10 steps to create a birthday banner in PowerPoint.   … Continue reading How to Create a Birthday Banner Using PowerPoint!

Paw Patrol Party (Girl)

GiggleFish_how to create a paw patrol party

Paw Patrol is such a fun and easy party to put together! From dog bowls to Scooby Snacks, there are plenty of ideas online and products available to put this party together on a reasonable budget. Here's how I did mine for under $150! Invitations I started researching ideas online and my daughter helped me … Continue reading Paw Patrol Party (Girl)

Under the Sea Birthday Party

For my son's second birthday, we opted for an "Under the Sea" party theme, as he loves all things ocean and well, honestly, so do we. I must say, this has probably been my favorite party to plan and create for since the colors were bright and cheerful, the decorations were super easy DIY, and … Continue reading Under the Sea Birthday Party

Southern Sweetheart 1st Birthday Party

As I was looking for ideas to celebrate my daughter's first birthday, I was inundated with many "Texas" or "western" themes using bright colors and mostly pink. Although very young, I knew an overly pink themed party wasn't right for my daughter's personality, as she was already showing a spunky, independent and unique personality all … Continue reading Southern Sweetheart 1st Birthday Party

Minnie Mouse (Red and White) Birthday Party

One of my favorite cartoons as kid was Mickey Mouse, and with the new generation of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, my daughter also shares a new love of Minnie Mouse (as do most toddlers)!  So for her 2nd birthday party, we decided on Minnie Mouse....but red and white Minnie Mouse. Great idea until I started looking … Continue reading Minnie Mouse (Red and White) Birthday Party