Minnie Mouse (Red and White) Birthday Party

One of my favorite cartoons as kid was Mickey Mouse, and with the new generation of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, my daughter also shares a new love of Minnie Mouse (as do most toddlers)!  So for her 2nd birthday party, we decided on Minnie Mouse….but red and white Minnie Mouse. Great idea until I started looking for party supplies and all I could find was pink.

So I created my own…..

Pinata was made from a stroller box:  just cut my pattern, painted black, glued together and used black crepe paper for coverage!

DIY Minnie Mouse Pinata

There are tons of posts for Minnie Mouse centerpieces, but I took a “southern” angle by adding white hydrangeas and red carnations (polka dots) placed in a small mason jar!

DIY Minnie Mouse Centerpiece

Keeping with the theme, I decorated the dessert table with everything Minnie Mouse shaped and red/white polka dots. Mouse shaped rice krispies treats and cookies, red/black polka dot cupcake wrappers, and white cupcake stands with ribbon.

Minnie Mouse desserts

Lastly, the birthday banner was created with red, black and white cardstock of different patterns and the Disney font I found online.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner

My daughter enjoyed this party and we were very happy how it turned out!

My little Minnie Mouse

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