Paw Patrol Party (Girl)

GiggleFish_how to create a paw patrol party

Paw Patrol is such a fun and easy party to put together! From dog bowls to Scooby Snacks, there are plenty of ideas online and products available to put this party together on a reasonable budget.

Here’s how I did mine for under $150!


I started researching ideas online and my daughter helped me pick out a few invitations that she liked, which were used to inspire the creation of her invitation. She’s now just old enough to give me ideas and help me create things for her parties, which has been a very fun bonding experience. Here’s how this turned out, I think the use of bright pink, light blue and yellow is a great combination for a girl Paw Patrol party. Cost: $0 (already had the paper and ink at home)




“Let’s take to the sky”….pun intended. Again, Aubrey had some pretty creative ideas for centerpieces, food labels, etc. I was able to find a few printables on Nick Jr.’s UK site.  I used the straw toppers to wrap two crayons and place on top of the coloring “placemats” so 12 toddlers would be occupied while parents fixed their lunch plates. Here are other items created and printed at home, displayed with materials I have on hand from former parties, cost (all) $0.



I try to save money by using items I already have around the house: card stock and streamers from my daughter’s Superhero party, wood skewers to hold the centerpiece images,  metal bucket used from my son’s Cowboy party, etc. I did purchase black dog bowls from the Dollar Store (cost $2 and change). So if you’re keeping count, we’re up to under $5 spent so far for this party.

I found a tutorial online to make dog houses from cardboard boxes, which we had plenty of since we had recently moved. Purchased items include: tablecloths, balloons and pinata (which I got from Hobby Lobby using the mobile 40% coupon). Estimated cost: $20



My favorite time of the party…CAKE! My daughter requested a cookie cake, so I made one using a pizza pan so that the cookie would bake evenly instead of being burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. Other fun desserts were: “whopper kibble”, “pup”corn, “puppy chow”, rice krispie pops, and Scooby snacks! We had pizza, salad, veggie tray and fruit tray on hand as well. Estimated cost for desserts: $50



Again, tons of ideas online from other bloggers! My daughter opted for the “puppy adoption” of which I – for whatever reason – do not have any pictures. Boxes aka puppy houses and puppies were purchased from Oriental Trading for about $35. I used a wooden crate I had on hand and some green tissue paper to line the bottom. Here’s the sign I made at home, also made an adoption certification but didn’t end up using it.


The kids (and adults) all enjoyed themselves at this Paw Patrol themed party! We did have a bounce house to help keep the kids entertained outside. The party lasted for about 2 hours….I planned it down to the minute:

11:00 Party start time

11:30 Pizza delivered

12:00 Cake & desserts

12:30 Pinata, favors & snocones

1:00 Guests leave….kids nap 🙂


GiggleFish_how to create a paw patrol party

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