Cowboy 1st Birthday Party

Cowboy/Western 1st Birthday Party

We kept a similar theme for my son's first birthday party as my (now) 3 year old daughter's "southern sweetheart", and went with Cowboy for his first birthday party! My favorite project of his cowboy first birthday party was the invitation....I looked online for inspiration and finally settled on creating this one in Microsoft Word. … Continue reading Cowboy 1st Birthday Party

Children’s Birthday Party Checklist

I've been asked multiple times how long it takes me to plan and create my kid's birthday parties. So here's my secret..... it doesn't take too much time if you get organized and stay organized from the very beginning. I typically start researching ideas around 3 months from their birthday. Any earlier you run the … Continue reading Children’s Birthday Party Checklist

Girl Superhero Birthday Party

My daughter is full of spunk and varied interest, so for her third birthday party she wanted it to be superhero themed! At the time, there were minimal party supplies online for girl superhero parties, so I had to get creative with the color scheme and decorations, making about 90% of everything myself....on a budget. … Continue reading Girl Superhero Birthday Party