Dog Adoption Celebration!

My two kids love to host parties almost as much as I do, so when they kept asking about our family dog’s birthday I just knew what they wanted 🙂  Because we adopted our dog, Brownie, we didn’t have any idea of his birthday date or even the month, so instead of making a wild guess, we decided to have a party to celebrate the day we adopted him!

GiggleFish_Dog Adoption.dark

I gave the kids a $20 budget and a little guidance in selecting the decorations, favors, and “menu”. We found quite a few items at a local dollar store:

  • Tablecloth
  • Party hats – even though the dogs probably won’t wear them
  • Birthday banner
  • Plastic dog bowls to be used as food display
  • Treat containers to be used as party favors

Then we purchased tennis balls and dog treats to go in the treat containers and handed out to the owners at his party.

DOG Party Favors

We used plastic dog bowls on the food table for all natural dog cookies and carrot sticks, and then each dog had their own “doggie popsicle”!

DOG Party Decorations

Luckily, one of our folding tables has adjustable legs, so the table height was perfect for the dogs! All in all, it was fun party and the kids were able to learn money management too!

dog adoption post

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