Construction / Bulldozer Party!

My son is REALLY into trucks, bulldozers (and all the other ones that I don’t know the names of) and of course getting dirty, so when it came time for him to choose his birthday party theme, he quickly decided on a construction party.

GiggleFish_Rubble Bulldozer.new2018

I was hesitant at first, wondering how I would pull this off with a dozen kids aged 4 – 9 but this was one of the most fun parties I’ve had the opportunity to plan!

It all started with a shirt….I borrowed the idea from Pinterest and here is a picture of our family shirts we made at home with inexpensive cotton shirts and heat transfer vinyl:

Party was a short 1.5 hours with 28 friends and family members. Here’s a quick rundown of what we did, feel free to comment with any questions!


There were three main activities plus our playground in the backyard. Luckily we were blessed with great weather so the entire party was outside in our garage/driveway.

  • Dirt pit complete with trucks and shovels
  • Wrecking ball – you can see my online shopping addition 🙂
  • Wood blocks we made from old scrap wood laying around

All kids enjoyed the wrecking ball the most and worked together to build the tower back up after each knocked it down.

Food and Favors

Once again, I borrowed some ideas from Pinterest – there are a ton of great resources online for free printables, favor ideas, and food labels!

  • 2x4s = vanilla sugar wafers
  • Tape measures = fruit by the foot
  • Wrecking balls = cheeseballs
  • Nuts & bolts = chex mix
  • Beams = pretzel rods
  • Traffic cones = popcorn
  • Drill bits = veggie sticks
  • Boulders = fruit

Favors were purchased mainly from Amazon and Oriental Trading, and placed under traffic cones with balloons that double as the centerpiece for the kids’ table.


And that’s it! Lots of fun for all the kids and even the adults got their hands dirty!

construction party

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