Quick & Easy Valentine’s Gift Ideas

GiggleFish Quick & Easy Vday gifts

Every year I try to put together small yet thoughtful Valentine’s gifts for teachers and coworkers, and although most ideas can be (and are) geared towards romantic relationships, this year I was able to find inspiration from a few ideas on Pinterest.

Thankfully, all recipients have a pretty good sense of humor!

I created labels for:

  • Small bags of chips: “You are all that & a bag of chips”
  • 100 calorie nut packs: “We are nuts about you”
  • Reeses cups: “Have I told you “Reese”-ently you are so wonderful to work with?”
  • Tic Tacs: compilation of Star Wars clipart and sayings

Using a red tray and clear acrylic candy jars, I put together a fun display that was placed at the center of the table at work, with Valentine themed bags for people to create their own grab bag.


Here’s my finished product, the display that was given to coworkers:

GiggleFish Quick & Easy Vday gifts

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