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    Quick & Easy Valentine’s Gift Ideas

    Every year I try to put together small yet thoughtful Valentine’s gifts for teachers and coworkers, and although most ideas can be (and are) geared towards romantic relationships, this year I was able to find inspiration from a few ideas on Pinterest. Thankfully, all recipients have a pretty good sense of humor! I created labels for: Small bags of chips: “You are all that & a bag of chips” 100 calorie nut packs: “We are nuts about you” Reeses cups: “Have I told you “Reese”-ently you are so wonderful to work with?” Tic Tacs: compilation of Star Wars clipart and sayings Using a red tray and clear acrylic candy jars,…

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    Teacher Appreciation Week 2016

    My two lovely children (aka little balls of human tornado) ┬áhave a wonderful set of daycare teachers, and while trying to find easy and cost-effective Teacher Appreciation gifts I decided to create a week’s worth of smaller items instead of individual gifts. It turned out better than I expected, as all the teachers and staff were able to enjoy a little treat each day! Please excuse the quality on some of the images below, a couple mornings I forgot until the last minute to take a picture! Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Crayon Letters can be ordered at my Etsy shop: GiggleFish Creations