Children’s Birthday Party Checklist

I’ve been asked multiple times how long it takes me to plan and create my kid’s birthday parties. So here’s my secret….. it doesn’t take too much time if you get organized and stay organized from the very beginning.

I typically start researching ideas around 3 months from their birthday. Any earlier you run the risk of their interests changing and they end up completely not interested in the theme you’ve already selected. The design projects are drafted around 2 months out since I make approximately 75% of the decorations myself. Within the last 8 weeks before their birthday, it’s a mad dash to the finish line complete with multiple versions of decoration projects, practice baking and constantly reminding the birthday kid about their theme to make sure they still like it!

Here’s a shortened version of my typical checklist. Please keep in mind that not all these items apply to every party.

Children’s Birthday Party Checklist (pdf)

Children's Birthday Party Checklist

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