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If I Were to Plan a Dinosaur Party…

A friend asked for some ideas planning a dinosaur themed party for her son, so naturally I hop over to Pinterest and WOW am I overwhelmed at all the ideas, products, decorations, desserts, etc!

Party planning can be overwhelming but I’ve found my happy place in Excel to keep me organized and on task without letting the stress add up too much. Getting back to friend’s request…. I started making a list in Excel of items that would work for her space (room in her house), budget and most important of all her son’s interests.


There are many ideas that can be made at home with items laying around the house – think paper towel rolls and green cardstock paper – but I was able to find some great items for sale online that won’t break the budget!

Here’s what I would use for the decorations:

  • Safari Backdrop from – 30 feet for $30+ – this would provide tons of wall covering!
  • T-Rex cardboard standup from – great for photos too!
  • How cute are these dino candles!?!?!?



  • Divide the food table into three sections: Carnivores, Herbivores and Snackivores!
  • Paper mache eggs for treat containers!
  • Dinosaur “grabbers” from are sure to please any party guest!
  • Homemade tree decorations for the food table or kids table, complete the look with toy dinosaurs holding balloons and wearing party hats!



With a ton of great ideas on Pinterest, I’ve collected just a handful and listed here:

  • Dinosaur dig
  • Bean bag toss
  • Egg/scavenger hunt
  • Relay races (split kids into teams to “discover” the dino eggs)
  • Frozen dinosaurs



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