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How to Make a Dinosaur Pinata

DIY Dinosaur Pinata!

My son LOVES dinosaurs and will have a dinosaur themed birthday party soon! He really wants a huge dinosaur pinata – in his words “big, big, big!” – but I can only find small pinatas for a decent price. The large ones I’ve found online and in stores cost way more than I’m comfortably spending on something the kids will just destroy…. on purpose.

So I decided to make a dinosaur pinata using materials lying around our house. By the way, this cost me under $10! Box, hot glue, white glue, and crepe streamers.

Here’s how I did it:

Making the Pinata Form:

Step 1: Find a design that he liked.

Step 2: Sketch the design onto a cardboard box – luckily I have an Amazon Prime addiction and had some boxes laying around.

Once you are happy with your sketch:

Step 3: Cut out your drawing using a box cutter (be careful!) and then trace it onto carboard box to make side 2. Cut out side 2.

Step 4: Determine how “thick” you want your pinata to be – the one in the pictures is about 4.5 inches – and cut out strips to make up the inner walls that will connect the front and back of the pinata.

Once you have enough strips:

Step 5: Roll the strips to ensure the cardboard is flexible and easy to work with. Note, I’ve seen other YouTube videos where the cardboard was scored to add flexibility.

Step 6: Hot glue the sides to the back of the pinata, creating the inner wall along the entire pinata. Allow time to dry, check for sturdiness.

TIP: don’t forget to make a hole in one piece so you can add candy later!

Step 7: Hot glue the front of the pinata onto the walls forming your solid pinata.

Decorating the Pinata Form: 

Step 1: Layer your your tissue or crepe paper – we used crepe streamers since it was easy to cut strips – and cut strips to then add “fringe”.

Step 2: Add white glue – we used Elmer’s – to the pinata in sections and start adding your paper in a row, layer by layer, until you work your way around the pinata.

If there are gaps in coverage, cut a small piece of paper and glue it on the pinata.

Step 3: Continue adding glue and paper in sections until your pinata is covered.

Step 4: Add your details – in this case eyes, nostrils, teeth, and arms.

After all this work, it will be hard seeing the kids beat up my dinosaur pinata but it’s all worth it after seeing the look of excitement on my son’s face when he saw his pinata for the first time!

How to make a dinosaur pinata


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